Walking Therapy

***CORONAVIRUS UPDATE:   I am currently unable to take on new referrals at this present time as I am at full capacity for counselling clients.  Please check back here again for future updates on availability.  I am also unable to offer walking therapy at this present time.  Following government guidelines all counselling appointments take place via Zoom or Telephone***

People walking up hill

Ever considered taking your counselling outside instead of sitting in a room?

Walking Therapy might be for you


There are lots of advantages to being outside – you and the counsellor are on common ground and you can literally set the pace.   You might find the idea of being in a counselling room intimidating.  Counselling is conducted outdoors in the fresh air against a backdrop of lovely scenery and green open spaces.   The therapy may introduce walking into your life or fit in with your own existing routine of being active. Walking is known to be calming as well as a stimulus to new thoughts and ideas. Finally, research shows that it’s not only good for your physical health, but it is also your mental health too.

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1. You’ll be moving – physically and probably figuratively too.  Sometimes being outdoors allows us the space to think more clearly so that we can find new ways of moving forward in our lives.

2. You’ll be breathing and being in nature, which can be meditative.  Your counsellor can incorporate aspects of mindfulness into the session if that suits you.  You can find ways of using the walk to get you out of your head and into the here and now. 

3. You’ll be connected to the outside world in a gentle way. If you are going through a life transition, have anxiety or are experiencing some kind of loss or grief this may be helpful in grounding you. 

4. You’ll be setting the pace of the session. If you prefer a slower paced relaxing session or a more active, fast-paced session, your counsellor will match your pace.

5. You’ll probably be energised physically and mentally by the end of the session and that may carry on into the rest of the day and the week.

What people say about Walking Therapy

“I was really looking forward to walking therapy and I really enjoyed it.  It was a lovely day and we walked up Werneth Low.  I felt very relaxed walking and chatting to Gill in the sunshine with lovely views.  It was a very mindful session I left feeling calm and encouraged.  Highly recommended.”    (JC, Tameside)

Some further reading on the benefits of walking on mental health




view from the path at the top of Werneth Low, with clouds and blue sky
Werneth Low, one of my walking therapy venues

Before Walking Therapy begins

All clients wishing to embark on Walking Therapy must have an initial introductory session in my office as per all other counselling.  This is to assess suitability, complete paperwork and decide on what you want out of your Walking Therapy.  Cost for this is the standard £30.