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Testimonials:  Here’s what people say about Gill


“I contacted Gill after the breakdown of an emotionally abusive relationship.  I had also just gone self employed and the two combined felt like an enormous pressure.  I couldn’t understand how or why I had allowed myself to be treated in such a way or why I hadn’t been stronger.  There were so many questions and noise in my head it was starting to impact on every area of my life.

I immediately felt at ease with Gill and could open up completely.  Gill challenged my thinking and this gave me a different perspective on my life.  A real turning point was the work we did on vulnerability.  I can honestly say that what I learnt changed my life and will stay with me forever”.

(L, Stockport)

“Working with Gill has been an absolute pleasure.  I began counselling when I realised that anxiety was taking over and beginning to prevent me from living a happy and successful life.  Gill was able to make me feel at ease and create an environment where I knew I was completely safe to say and do whatever was needed.   She gave me the space to explore and make sense of my past experiences, where I was in my life and how I wanted to set out my journey for the future.  Gill accompanied me on that journey ultimately leading me to find my own answers and inner peace.

A, Manchester

“After having a couple of panic attacks which absolutely knocked me for six, I contacted Gill.  The first thing I was aware of is that Gill tells it as it is and doesn’t use all the clinical jargon.  Within weeks I was starting to get my life back in order.  Gill gave me simple tasks and techniques to do and use in difficult situations.  I am now doing things differently in my life and feeling great.  I never thought I would feel like this again, all thanks to Gill.

S, Manchester

“Following two redundancies, and bullying at work, I felt I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.   I was diagnosed with depression a year later and by this point my confidence had reached rock bottom.  Since seeing Gill my confidence and self-esteem has improve and the haze of the past has lifted.  I feel much more like me again.  Using the worry tree techniques and coping strategies my mind has been brought back to the present clearing my fuzzy head.  I can’t thank Gill enough for her fantastic support”.

H, Manchester

“My diagnosis of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) robbed me of my confidence and sense of self.  I have regained these since my sessions with Gill.  Using mindfulness as the focus of our sessions, the threads of my life have been brought back together.  I feel like “me” again.  Gill guided me along the way with gentle reassurance and encouragement”.


“I did not think that just a few short sessions with Gill could get me back to the person I used to be so quickly.  I was living under a very dark cloud and feeling alone and helpless.   Gill helped me to understand that circumstances had led me to where I was and that I was not alone.  She reassured me that lots of people might feel the same way in my situation.  She helped me to explore new ways to approach my life and take some simple steps to get back on track again.  I am extremely grateful to Gill and would recommend her to anyone out there who is feeling lost and alone.  I just wish I’d gone to her sooner”.

E, Manchester

“I had suffered a nervous breakdown when I started seeing Gill and it felt like my whole life had fallen down around me.  Gill helped me to pick up the pieces and fix them back together again in a better way than they were before.  She has helped me to view my life in a much more positive way and has changed my outlook – for the better.  It has amazed me how much clearer I see things now and how much more content and at peace I feel”.

C, Macclesfield


Thanks to all for their feedback and for giving permission for their comments to be published.