Month: May 2018

Music to my ears:  Stress busting tip 3

Music to my ears: Stress busting tip 3

  I’ve been spending this week considering the subject of stress in support of Mental Health Awareness Week 2018.  The central question asked being “Are we coping?” Singing for stress In my profession as a counsellor we are actively encouraged to monitor our stress levels 

All work and no play:  Stress busting tip no 2

All work and no play: Stress busting tip no 2

All work and no play In support of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, I’ve been considering the ways in which we can manage stress, which is this year’s theme.  In the second of my mini-blogs I thought I was raise the concept of PLAY!  

Get up and go!  Stress busting tip No. 1

Get up and go! Stress busting tip No. 1

This blog has been produced as part of a mini-series on stress for Mental Health Awareness Week.

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Get up and Go


Firstly, I may have set myself up for a fall here by deciding to be grander than I am!  Mini-series!  It just sounded exciting and I couldn’t resist!  Unfortunately it means you will have to endure more mini-blogs around the subject of stress.  But that’s a good thing right?  We all need to be reminded of ways to manage our stress levels.  Very often when life gets busy we don’t pay attention to ourselves.  We only notice when it hits a critical point;  when we are flattened by a virus or start getting cold sores, eczema flare ups or other physical indicators of stress.  To support and celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week I’m aiming (notice I said aiming….) to do a mini-blog a day with a top tip for managing your stress.  They are not rocket science but they do work.  I’ll offer up a few options which I recommend to my clients and which I use myself.  Yes, counsellors get stressed too!

TIP no 1:  Walking outside in nature

Get your trainers on and get out now!  Go anywhere.  It would be great if it were somewhere green but it actually doesn’t matter.  But set a positive intention as you do this.  Not “I’m going to get this over and done with” but “I wonder what I’ll see on my walk today”.  I recently joined a month long challenge to get out for a walk every day and post a picture of something that I noticed in nature, maybe being a bit creative with it.  I love it!!  It’s made walking so much more interesting.  I’ve always got my phone at the ready to snap a lovely landscape or fabulous flowers and foliage! (not easy to say).  But it’s also made me slow down and really notice my surroundings.  Paying attention to things I wouldn’t normally notice.  This week it’s been gothic archways and blossom.  Who knew!  I’m also a big fan of a daisy.  They just make me smile, which is the point really.  A walk whilst being good exercise is a chance to let the stresses of your day ebb away for a few moments and an opportunity to let your mind clear out the mental clutter to make space for other stuff.  Nice stuff.  Interesting insights or maybe even an outline for a novel!  Why not!   It’s a chance to daydream…..gosh do you remember that?  When we just let our minds wander WHEREVER THEY WANTED TO!   It’s widely recognized that a walk in nature has a positive effect on mental health, so what are you waiting for.  Just get up and go!!

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